Future Scenarios of Personal Data Use in Commercial and Non-Commercial Settings

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The Round Table on Future Scenarios of Personal Data Use in Commercial and Non-Commercial Settings took place on 18 February 2016 in Malta. It was organised by the MAPPING’s Work Package 5 (Privacy, Personality & Business Models) leader, the Institute for Legal Informatics, Leibniz University Hannover (DE). Full details of the Round Table are presented in deliverable D5.3 of the MAPPING Project.

The event consisted of four ninety minute discussions on predictive analytics Use Cases. Each Case was briefly presented in a two-fold view that offered participants the opportunity to think about benefits as well as privacy drawbacks and side-effects. The participants were encouraged to actively participate in an engaging debate and discussion. 

Use Case I - Predictive Analytics in the Health Sector questioned the use of medical data for research. The debate tackled ethical issues, liability of medical staff, commercialisation, anonymization and security of data, and how to comply with and satisfy legal frameworks.

Use Case II – Auto-complete Function for Search Engines opened a debate regarding factors that influence searches, challenges of auto-complete functions that may cause negativity bias and self-referential loop, and finally included a debate about privacy related issues of search history.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the use of personal and statistical data in crime prevention and investigation. Both Use Cases showed different examples of pre-crime forecasting. Use Case III – Predictive Policing presented an example from Lower Saxony. The final Use Case, Software Solutions for Forensic and Analytic Applications, demonstrated results of testing of evidence-based policing in a hypothetical city by using a real data sample from South Wales.