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What is the Internet?

The Internet is part of cyberspace and there is a lot more to cyberspace than just the Internet. Different nations view cyberspace differently. A few nations see it only as a network of devices. Most see it as a place where information lives, and where it is used, accessed, manipulated and updated trillions of times a day by billions of people using more devices than there are users. A few nations see cyberspace as the total electronic environment in which society lives, works and is governed, particularly through use of the media.


Future of the Internet – So much to consider!

Any debate around the Internet, and its future, is complicated by there being many different but interrelated perspectives. Any analysis needs to consider these multiple perspectives as the pursuit of just one in isolation of others quickly leads to unacceptable or unworkable consequences. For example, many debates around privacy focus only on the person without considering the nature of the relationships with other parties or the context in which information is being used or the technical feasibility. It’s assumed to be someone else’s responsibility to assure my privacy (and security) – I want the benefits without the responsibility. Is that realistic?


We need new ways to know who our friends are in cyberspace.

A senior government official once told me, “technology is not my friend”. His concern was that his government was sharing sensitive national technology information with a few allies, but some of that information was finding its way to another nation that his government didn’t consider to be a friend. This undermined his government’s trust in the allies with whom they were sharing information.