Since the beginning, the MAPPING project has been focusing on cooperation between diverse stakeholders including business and online service providers, governmental organisations, civil society and academia. The ultimate goal of this cooperation is to contribute to the creation of an enabling framework for the digital transition and to improve the global governance structure as well as the EU innovation ecosystem.

First of all, MAPPING is building on the results of several EU FP7 projects, including CONSENT (covering on-line consent and privacy in social networks), SMART and RESPECT.

In the area of Internet governance the MAPPING Policy Observatory established cooperation with the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), that monitors Internet-related policy, regulatory and technological developments across the world.

The MAPPING consortium is communicating with the GIP Digital Watch observatory, through one of the MAPPING partners, DiploFoundation.

MAPPING consortium is following the experiment with the creation of the NetMundial Solutions Map, a tool to support information sharing and collaboration across Internet governance issues. The NetMundial Solutions Map being co-developed by The GovLab and Second Rise facilitated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

At the level of EC funded projects, the cooperation is being developed with the EVIDENCE project, (European Informatics Data Exchange Framework for Courts and Evidence).  Both projects benefit from the exchange of information, participation at events and mutual promotion.