Enabling European Netizens

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The new MAPPING Awareness Platform was just released to enable European netizens to learn more and to understand the interrelations between Data Protection, Privacy, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Intellectual Property, and Open Innovation.

The open and easy-to-use platform presents the information in a comprehensive manner, which allows readers to understand the essence and interrelations between complicated topics of Internet Governance, Privacy, and Intellectual Property Rights.

The platform aims to enhance the knowledge of the general public on issues that are crucial in the digital age, to stimulate critical thinking through the target audiences, and to spark off the utilisation of the knowledge provided by the MAPPING project implementation. To this end, the platform gives answers to numerous questions related to the topics and overcomes common misperceptions:

  • What is data protection and how is it regulated?
  • What is privacy and how is it related to data protection?
  • What does Internet Governance mean and what is the role of the regular people in its process?
  • Understanding and utilising Open Innovation – what are the benefits?

The Platform also contains recent news related to the topics and articles uploaded, which complement the information provided.

The Awareness Platform will be further upgraded with developing a questionnaire, which will help users to self-estimate their level of knowledge in the respective fields. Users will also find interlinks to various sources, videos to be produced within the project, interviews with experts, as well as webinars.

The MAPPING Awareness Platform is part of a wide Awareness Campaign undertaken within the MAPPING project.

Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance (MAPPING) is a research project funded under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement № 612345. MAPPING’s goal is to create an all-round and “joined-up” understanding of the many and varied economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of the recent developments on the Internet, and their consequences for individuals and society at large.



Project Coordinator: University of Groningen (NL), projectoffice@mappingtheinternet.eu

Awareness Platform administrator: Law and Internet Foundation (BG), info@mappingtheinternet.eu