Kick-off meeting in Groningen (NL)

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The first meeting of the MAPPING project Consortium members was hosted by the University of Groningen in March 2014. During the meeting the partners discussed long-term strategies as well as immediate plans for the project.  

The Consortium is due to meet again in mid-May at the project’s Extraordinary General Assembly in Rome, Italy. The Assembly, envisioned as a forum for informed discussion, will be opened by a seminar entitled “On-line mass surveillance, security and privacy: is an international treaty the only way forward?” This seminar will provide a real-life example of Internet governance “in action” on a problem area strongly impinging on issues of privacy and property rights.

After the seminar, there will be three half-day thematic sessions aimed at mapping the emerging and most contentious issues in the three areas of Internet Governance, Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights. These will focus on discussing viable pathways for remedies and solutions. Each session will feature a facilitated discussion among the participants, following several key-note presentations