Extraordinary General Assembly in Rome.

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The MAPPING project organizes Extraordinary General Assembly in Rome.

The core of the MAPPING's approach is to mobilize a wide spectrum of ICT related stakeholders and social actors from EU Member States, associated countries and non-European states which are major actors in cyberspace, including academics, law and policy makers, ISPs, international and EU Internet governance bodies, NGOs and civil society organisations.

Extraordinary General Assembly is open to relevant stakeholders at a point when the process of shaping the overall architecture and contents of the project is still open to their contribution. Our aim is to receive substantive inputs and to start to forge alliances and to build a network of concerned actors that will be part of the MAPPING process throughout all its life cycle and beyond.

The outcome of the deliberations will also serve to validate the four year Dialogue and Participation plan set up by MAPPING and to provide inputs for the first formulation of a Road Map on policies that will be further refined and expanded through the full life span of the project. Further information and a detailed programme will be provided during the preparation process.

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