Round Table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World

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On March 19, 2015, the Round Table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World was held by the MAPPING consortium in Geneva. The discussion among the main stakeholders from around the world focused on the impact of the current EU IPR protection regime on innovation and economic growth and the future of Open Innovation in the proprietary world, comparing experiences from every continent. The Round Table was hosted by and took place at the premises of one of the project partners, the DIPLO Foundation. More  than 50 participants being present in Geneva and several more participating on-line following through a live stream. 

One of the speakers, Ms. Julia Reda, MEP, the co-founder of the European Parliament’s Digital Agenda Intergroup and the rapporteur for the review of the 2001 Copyright Directive, advocated a European copyright that is adapted to the digital era, easy to understand and enables a free exchange of culture and knowledge across borders. 

The leader of this thematic field in the project, Oleksandr Pastukhov from the University of Malta, said  in relation to this event: “The old rule ‘innovate or perish’ is still valid, but in today’s increasingly open world, innovation has to go open, too, and that means sharing: sharing with the world, sharing with customers, sharing even with competitors”. The event was part of the project’s effort to involve a wider range of stakeholders in a fruitful dialogue and engage them in a collaborative process to create or contribute to the creation of the future-relevant policies.



   Photogallery - MAPPING Round Table Geneva