Privacy, Personality and Business models: The triangle of privacy, economy and security

Privacy in an ICT environment nowadays is located at the intersection of three fundamental interests, all three of which are crucial in order to foster prosperity of society and economy:

  1. The need to efficiently protect Human and Fundamental Rights and the rule of law to guarantee a secure legal framework;
  2. the need to provide a safe environment, guaranteeing protection against economic and societal threats; and 
  3. the need to promote and support innovation and competitiveness of the ICT market by providing a clear and flexible legal framework, which is being kept open to new business models.

The current challenge is finding a balance between these three interests, which have a potential to be both collinear and antagonistic - depending on the scenario. The project aims at identifying threats, counter-measures and thereby good practices in order to suggest a road map to future governance of personal data use and to the protection of innovation and the economic value represented by data against cybercrime and cyber-espionage. . This is conducted with a keen awareness of the value of both personal and non-personal information for Internet and other business innovation on the one hand, and the commitment of the EU to the data protection and data security  on the other.