INVITATION: Conference on the Future of IPR: ‘IP Prospects in Europe and Beyond’

The MAPPING Conference on the Future of IPR is envisaged as an experts’ conference that will address the deficiencies and shortcomings of the current system of IPR protection in the EU and worldwide and discuss possible remedies that would allow achieving better synchronisation between the EU IPR protection regime and the technological and socio-cultural realities of the digital world.

IPR regime: a barrier to innovation?

Is the IPR protection regime an obstacle to innovation and growth, or has a potential to spur creativity? A roundtable on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World organised in the framework of MAPPING project provided some thought provoking answers to this question.


Round Table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World

On March 19, 2015, the Round Table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World was held by the MAPPING consortium in Geneva. The discussion among the main stakeholders from around the world focused on the impact of the current EU IPR protection regime on innovation and economic growth and the future of Open Innovation in the proprietary world, comparing experiences from every continent. The Round Table was hosted by and took place at the premises of one of the project partners, the DIPLO Foundation. More than 50 participants being present in Geneva and several more participating on-line following through a live stream.