This is a space where the MAPPING expert and stakeholder Community is step-by-step being built, starting with the first meeting in Rome at the Extraodrinary General Assembly on May 20-21, 2014.

For the moment you are welcome to sign up for the MAPPING Newsletter, which will be issued twice per year.

You can also join the MAPPING the Internet group at LinkedIn or Mapping group at the EC community portal JOINUP!


At the beginning of the project we have identified relevant stakeholders present on the Internet, as a public space in the arenas of Privacy, IPR and IG, especially those involved and concerned with the issues as actors in the MAPPING project. The complex nature of the three issues requires that the consortium not only acquires expertise from multiple disciplines, but also involves and engages stakeholders of varied knowledge, skills and roles.

Map of Actors and Stakeholders is a dynamic picture, which will continue to be worked upon, updated and renewed during the course of the MAPPING project. This current version reflects the Map of Actors and Stakeholders at five months into the start of the MAPPING project.

Overview of the MAPPING actors and stakeholders