Enabling European Netizens

The new MAPPING Awareness Platform was just released to enable European netizens to learn more and to understand the interrelations between Data Protection, Privacy, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, Surveillance, Intellectual Property, and Open Innovation.

Surveillance & Privacy – considering new measures at international law

The mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur for Privacy (SRP) & the EU-supported MAPPING project are collaborating to organise a structured public consultation about new legal measures at international law intended to improve the protection of privacy in this age of ubiquitous surveillance.


INVITATION: European Workshop on policy watch activities

More and more initiatives to map Internet policies and Internet Governance developments have been evolving during the last couple of years with various focuses - national, regional or global. Building on the experience from participating in these type of ‘mapping’ meetings, the 2017 MAPPING workshop wants to focus on best and worst experiences from the Internet observatories in an effort to create a best practice document that would help not only the current projects, but especially the ones that are to be developed in the next years.


INVITATION: Conference on the Future of IPR: ‘IP Prospects in Europe and Beyond’

The MAPPING Conference on the Future of IPR is envisaged as an experts’ conference that will address the deficiencies and shortcomings of the current system of IPR protection in the EU and worldwide and discuss possible remedies that would allow achieving better synchronisation between the EU IPR protection regime and the technological and socio-cultural realities of the digital world.

The 5th MAPPING Newsletter has been published!

Check out the 5th MAPPING Newsletter.  


Global Internet Governance - Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies

An invitation to the GIG-ARTS conference. The conference is a European annual multidisciplinary academic venue to present and discuss developments in Global Internet Governance (GIG) and their implications in and beyond this field of research. 

MAPPING Bitcoin-conference in Hannover

Bitcoin and virtual currencies: new challenges for the law?  An invitation to the one-day event organised together with the Institute for criminal Science of the Leibniz University Hannover. The conference will be held in English.   Date19 January 201709:00 - 18:00   VenueL3S Research CenterAppelstraße 9a (High Rise Building)30167 Hannover   Website

Online Business, Security and Fundamental Human Rights – Enabling Trust on the Internet

Prague, October 31, 2016. Press release

Second General Assembly

The Second Annual General Assembly of the MAPPING Project will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, on 31 October – 2 November 2016. The event is entitled „Online business, Security and Fundamental Human Rights – Enabling trust on the Internet“.


The 4th MAPPING Newsletter has been published!

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