Policy watch

MAPPING Policy Observatpry

The “Policy Watch” activities of the project will monitor policies and projects concerning the relationship between Internet and society at European, national and local levels, and are based on a multidisciplinary approach. Policy Watch activities include core group meetings, training sessions, a workshop and special communications with stakeholders.

MAPPING has the ambition to support better orientation in the landscape of the Internet governance, describing status quo and offering a platform for discussions in order to  include desirable developments from the EU perspective.

In relation to this objective, the project will set up a MAPPING Policy Observatory which will create a database of information and evidence about a broad set of issues for example, practices, impacts, legal gaps and paradoxes, stakeholders’ perceptions, strategies, solutions, etc. As throughout the project, specific attention will be paid to the three focus areas of the MAPPING project: Internet Governance, Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights.

Although the project  adopts a holistic approach to all abovementioned topics, (taking into account any interdisciplinarities), at the same time it is focusing one-by-one on single issues, using knowledge management strategy and coordinating exchanges between different stocks of knowledge.